Alpine Spe-6090 Review

If you’re not happy with the stock speakers in your car then the Alpine Spe-6090 speakers is a great pair to replace them. Alpine is a great brand that has a good reputation in today’s market . These speakers are best for people who want a better sound quality in their car, want to replace the stock speakers, drives a car with 6×9 speakers. The Alpine Spe-6090 are full range speakers that have a reasonable price and great sound performance.

These coaxial speakers have a peak power of 300 watts each and RMS power of 100 Watts.  These deliver a lot of power but can be also used with an amplifier and get even better quality . The Alpine Spe-6090 speakers have HAMR surround technology which is developed by Alpine for most of their subwoofers.  This technology comes handy when you have your volume at a higher level and the suspension system becomes unstable and can distort the sound. Full range speakers are generally easier to install than component speakers, you can install these yourself easily.  The Alpine Spe-6090 use a neodymium magnet that makes them more compact than other speakers.  These are usually compatible with any car that already has 6×9 speaker installed. Alpine is a giant brand in car audio system speakers.  They have consistently tried to offer great quality, great design and excellent technology.  These speakers are powerful and deliver a great sound quality.

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