3 Best Marine Speakers For The Best Sound Around Water

Do you spend most of your time near water? This does not mean that you cannot enjoy the best when it comes to audio sounds. Check out the best marine speakers we have featured below. All of them have been selected because they are a great value for money. We carefully considered the main features of each and the materials from which each one of them is made. All the three products deserve their place among the best currently in the market.


BOSS AUDIO ASK904B.64 Marine PackageBOSS AUDIO ASK904B.64 Marine Package

Spending most of your time in the water does not mean that you cannot enjoy the best audio delivered by the greatest equipment in the market. There is no better example of such equipment than the BOSS AUDIO ASK904B.64 Marine Package. In this package, expect to receive the four channel Bluetooth amplifier, two 6.5 inch marine speakers, and a universal USB cable. As if this was not enough, they will also throw in a phone pouch to help keep your phone safe while you are in the water.


  • Designed to be waterproof and thus safe for marine use
  • Power handling of 180 watts at max and 90 watts RMS
  • 4 channel amp designed to be weatherproof
  • Comes with a three-year dealer warranty

The amplifiers are classified as A/B. This means that they have a precise electrical structure made to enhance the quality of your sound while at the same time reducing distortion caused by sounds around you. With this package, you can also enjoy wireless streaming, thanks to the Bluetooth when you are using compatible devices.


Polk Audio DB651 Marine Certified DB Series Car SpeakersPolk Audio DB651 Marine Certified DB Series Car Speakers

One thing that makes either your car or marine speaker to deliver a sound quality that will make you enjoy your listening experience is the materials from which it is made. This is what Polk, the manufacturer of the Polk Audio DB651 Marine Certified DB Series Car Speakers, seems to get right time after time. They mix state of the art technology with a defined balance of materials which include Mica and Silk/Polymer to produce the marine speakers that many careful buyers have come to rely on.


  • Certified for use in the marine industry
  • Power handling of 360 watts on peak and RMS of 120 watts for each pair
  • Equipped with high and low pass crossover filters

Since this speaker is certified for use under different conditions, you will realize that the rubber feature allows the speaker to withstand these conditions while at the same time adding to the bass response. Being marine certified is a testimony to this speaker’s versatility. The loudspeaker ensures that the speaker efficiently uses less noise when compared to others to produce the same output.


BOSS AUDIO MRWT40 Marine 4″ 2-way 400-watt WaketowerBOSS AUDIO MRWT40 Marine 4" 2-way 400-watt Waketower

The BOSS AUDIO MRWT40 Marine 4″ 2-way 400-watt Waketower is designed to be near water all the time. This is the reason why it is manufactured from components that are water resistant. Check all the major components in this speaker and you will realize that they are sealed and coated specifically so that they do not suffer from the corrosion that is a result of constant contact with humidity and salty environments.


  • Designed from materials that make it waterproof
  • Power handling of 400 watts max and 200 watts RMS for each pair
  • Three-year dealer warranty
  • Frequency response between 130 Hz and 130 kHz
  • Rubber surround and a woofer cone manufactured from Polypropylene

The main emphasis in the manufacture of the BOSS AUDIO MRWT40 Marine 4″ 2-way 400-watt Waketower is on the material used to make it. Here you are looking at materials such as Polypropylene and Batyl Rubber. All these materials offer the speaker both the durability and solidness required to produce an audio sound that is clear under different conditions.