Rockford Fosgate R168x2 Review

Me and my son Kevin were driving to California. As we were driving my son wanted to listen to his new downloaded list from iTunes. We had a good speed of like 60mph with the front windows down. When Kevin hit play the music started to play but he didn’t liked how the music sounded.  He asked me if we can buy a new speaker for the car because that one didn’t sounded good enough. I agreed with him and started to research which are the best 6×8 speakers on the market, I found the Rockford R168X2.

The Rockford R168x2 speakers are best designed for anyone who wants quality sound.

Some of the feature are:

When you first buy a car it will have factory speakers which are not that great if you want quality sound. What you need to buy is Full Range Coaxial Speaker to boost your audio experience. The R168x2 provide 8 ohms impedance which is great because most speakers deliver up to 4 ohms. They have rubber surround which unlike foam it lasts longer. Vacuum Polypropylene cones is a great feature from Fosgate.  This is a great feature because your sound will feel like your car staying front of a symphony.  The speakers from Rockford come with an extended two year warranty. The people from Fosgate want you to have the greatest experience and customer satisfaction. These speakers are the best for you. Whenever you want to replace your old factory speakers and want to have an upgraded sound in your car then you must consider buying the Rockford R168x2 speakers.

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