Have you been thinking recently to buy a new pair of speakers for your car? The car speakers market has grown significantly over the years, as more people replace their stock speakers with aftermarket speakers. There are many aftermarket speakers on the market and choosing one can be difficult. Every speaker has a different size so buying one that isn’t compatible is a huge issue.  So how do you decide what size will fit in your car? Read bellow to find out !

Diameter of the speaker

The first thing you should do is measure the holes for speakers in your car, the measurements you need to get. The speaker diameter is one and the most used size are 5×7 inches, 6.5 inches, 6×9 inches, 6×8 inches, 4×6 inches, 4×10, 5.25 inch. The best of these is the 6.5 inch speakers setup because you can make a lot of configurations to it. Another measurement that you need to take is the cutout diameter.

Mounting Depth

This is the distance between the speaker flange and the base of the magnet this is important because you don’t want your speakers to jump out of their holes.

Mounting Height

You measure this from the bottom of the flange to the highest point of the speaker. This is also important because this will prevent your speaker to bump into the grilles.

Installation Space

The installations spaces for the speakers are on the door panel, the back rear and the front rear.  Even though you will have all the measurements in your speaker it’s important to measure the holes as well.

This will give you an idea of what car speakers fit into inside.

Other Things To Consider Before You Buy Car Speakers

Beside making sure that the speakers will fit you need to check their compatibility.

Speakers Weight

Most people will say that this isn’t necessary but for me it is because the weight of the speakers matter when you are installing them in a sensitive area. When you choose a pair of speakers to replace to stock ones makes sure the ones from the door panels are lighter than the other in other areas.

Woofer Quality

This is crucial because if you want to have great bass you need to check the woofer quality.

Surround Materials

Make sure the speakers you buy have rubber surround because these will deliver a great sound quality and will last longer than other speakers.


The factory speakers have low power like 14-20Watts, you need to buy speakers that have higher sensitivity usually over 91 dB.

Power Handling

If you’re system doesn’t have a lot of power you will not need speakers that handle a lot of power. But as usually it’s best to ask an expert when you’re searching for the best car speakers.

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