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Are you in the market for a brand that will give added amph to the sound in your car? Then you need a product made by the best subwoofer brand. The three products featured below constitute the best brands currently in the market. They combine value with performance; exactly what an avid music lover looks for in their subwoofer.


Polk Audio PSW505 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer

Whether you are looking for a subwoofer to use in a big room or you are worried that the equipment you have may not be big enough for your function, look no further than the Polk Audio PSW505 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer. The bass response is enhanced by the slot load venting. It does its work by minimizing turbulence, distortion, and noise which is a preserve of cheaper brands. If you want to blend this subwoofer with the main speaker, take advantage of the changeable low pass crossover, volume regulator, and phase button.


  • The veneer finish is made from real wood
  • Base response enhanced by slot load venting
  • Hi current of 300 watt
  • Automatic on and off when the subwoofer senses program signal

The reason why Polk is one of the best brands in the market has to do with the fact that they understand that when you use a subwoofer, you are listening to the music too, not just the loud noise. This is the reason why they have built in the big Hi-Roll Surrounds.


MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D Sub Enclosure

If you are not one of those people who love drama or spending more than is due on anything, the MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D Sub Enclosure was specially made for you. This product is manufactured with the main aim of delivering a balance between value and performance so that everyone can get the benefit of over 40 years of MTX innovation. Even though this is not the most expensive subwoofer you will ever buy, the performance may actually be one of the best you will get.


  • The boss shelter 2 subwoofers
  • Designed to add bass to any vehicle
  • Made using aviation grade carpet

When manufacturing this box, special care was taken to ensure that the material is right for the work to be done. Think polypropylene dust caps, and you will know that this is a durable product that will take anything thrown at it. It is also designed in such a way that it cools itself down in instances where heat is generated by use for extended periods of time. Add to this the fact that it has great contemporary looks and you know that this best subwoofer brand deserves its place among the best.


Yamaha YST-SW012 8-Inch Front-Firing Active Subwoofer

Yamaha is one of the biggest brand names in the music industry. The reputation is a well-deserved one as it constantly makes one great product after the other. The Yamaha YST-SW012 8-Inch Front-Firing Active Subwoofer is a true testimony to this greatness. With this unit, you will be impressed by the good sound and the fact that it is compact and looks great. Even if you are not a person too well clued in issues audio, you will certainly notice the difference between this subwoofer and anything else you have used before.


  • Equipped with an 8-inch driver
  • Power handling of 100 watts
  • Frequency response of 28-200Hz
  • Unnecessary noises are minimized by Linear Port

The real reason behind the power attributed to the Yamaha YST-SW012 8-Inch Front-Firing Active Subwoofer is the advanced YS11 Linear Port. When you add the front firing design, you know that this subwoofer combines clarity, power, and depth in a way you have never seen before.

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