Kicker CSS694 Component Speaker System-Guide 2018

A big mistake that rookies and amateurs make with upgrading to aftermarket systems is just getting a subwoofer and an amplifier and completely neglecting to upgrade their factory speakers. Have you ever actually seen a factory speaker or held one on your hand, some literally feel like they’re made out of double layered construction paper and old Styrofoam coffee cup lids.  The best way to upgrade your factory speakers is to start with a set of components like Kicker CSS694. Kicker is a great brand for quality and excellent warranties, components usually come with a pair of speakers, tweeter and most have external crossovers, a component set takes care of the midbass, mids and highs replacing factory speakers, this system is specifically ideal for you Ford and Toyota guys with 6×9 woofers which dropped right into your factory location. The difference between speakers and a components set and coaxial speakers  is that you have individual drivers that can be mounted in optimum locations and likely more on axis for example the 6×9 speakers, this set have no built-in tweeter, the driver has a phase plugin instead improving dissipation, but when you look at the Kicker CSS694 for coaxial speakers they actually have two tweeters built into the pole piece of the driver. If you don’t have factory tweeters in your car I recommend  the CSS694 rather than the component set otherwise you would need to do some drilling up front in your dash or panels or you could always duct tape them to the doors. The CSS694 system provides 150 watts RMS of output, with an impedance of four ohms and a frequency response of 30 Hz to 21kHz and that’s why aftermarket speakers are so important, the improved sound quality gives a much broader range of frequencies so you don’t lose all those details in your music you simply can’t get with factory speakers in their poor frequency range and subpar dispersion patterns. The CS series speakers provide much improved bass, mids and and highs and deliver remarkable performance and ultra-clean bass utilizing a heavy-duty motor magnet structure featuring extended voice coil technology not found in stock speakers. The stamped steel framework supports a rigid polypropylene cone with tough ribbed UV-treated surround for precise linear excursion and reliability and come with stylish kicker grilles the CS series three quarter inch tweeters are designed specifically for high like vocals and guitar, they feature lightweight neodymium magnets and twenty millimeter titanium domes that help get that crispy delicious detail out of your tunes ,both pairs of speakers can handle a wide range of power from either your factory or aftermarket head units or and external amplifier.  The fourth killer 12 decibel per octave high and low-pass crossover have built-in tweeter level control letting you customize your sound for the best sonic quality with 0 dB +3 dB in +6 dB. The tweeters come  with three mounting choices flush mounts panel and surface mounts giving you the flexibility to get the perfect location for your install.  Kickers component sets also come in 6×8 inch , 6×3/4 inch and 6.5 systems.