Klipsch X4i Review

Klipsch X4i In-Ear Headphones w/ In-Line Remote/Mic for iPod/iPhone/iPad 2-Pack Bundle includes 2 Klipsch X4i In-Ear Headphones and Headphone Splitter

These are the best earbuds from klipsch. If you are a fan then be sure that the new Klipsch X4i are your first choice because the sound is fantastic. The build quality is absolutely great, when you have them in your hands they feel very high end. These are made from brushed aluminum therefore the klipsch X4i are very light and also sturdy. The cable is rubberized. The remote is not that shiny as it appears in the picture of the box. The connector plug is long and straight and it’s easy to put it into a phone with a big case if you really want it. The sound is not that great I would rate it somewhere like 3 stars. Even when amped and EQ’D the sound is not how it should be. The bass is laid back and the entire spectrum is very balanced. The mids are definitely the most present, the highs are there but they do not sound good it’s like a washed sound. These have a beautiful design are very sleek, durable and comfortable. If there is something that is appreciate on ear buds is elegance. So this is my klipsch X4i review hope you like it.